Saturday, October 17, 2009

motor3d - Whats that?

Just a short post about the name of this website: Motor is the German word for "engine" and I thought (years ago;) that motor3d would be a clever name for my personal game/graphics engine. Ok, I admit that I'm not very good at finding names (In fact I will be talking about the importance of good naming pretty soon) but I have way too much code right now that uses "motor3d" as a prefix/namespace/(sub-)directory name to change it again.

So if I talk about motor3d in this blog I'm talking about my 3d engine ;)

Hello World v2.0


I'm pretty sure that no one is reading these lines right now, but I am trying to change that in the future ;)

Lets start from the beginning: My name is Julien Koenen and I'm currently a Senior Programmer at keen games in Frankfurt. I'm mostly working on in-house technology for our games. In this blog I will write a little bit about my experiences in the field of game programming and game technology. I'm not sure if anyone will read this pages and / or find them useful but I see this as an opportunity to write some of my thoughts down and hopefully share some useful stuff with you.

Please be aware that I'm German and not a native English speaker/writer. This could (and probably will) lead to texts that are hard to understand for you. Feel free to comment (or flame) on something that you find really hard to read / stupidly written.

The second thing I have to warn you about is that I can't and will not write about stuff that is covered by NDAs, current products if they are not yet announced) or other internals about keen games. This unfortunately includes all source code that uses SDKs of the different console platforms and I therefore most likely will only cover the windows platform explicitly. Thats really a shame because I'm really a passionate console programmer. I will try to talk about high-level concepts in a way that is applicable mostly to consoles though.

Ok thats it for the introduction. Hopefully the next post will not have to wait another year ;)