Saturday, December 26, 2009

motor3d - on google code

I just released the first piece of the motor3d code. It's currently heavily under development and probably not interesting to anyone ;)

I just released parts of the (new) graphics module that I work on right now. Most of the other (required) modules are not released yet.

I mainly wanted to secure the project name in google code and try if I could use the google code subversion server directly as my development server. I'm not entirely sure about the latter point though. On the one hand their server is much faster/more reliable than my shitty linux box and I would have access to the latest code from everywhere on the other hand would it be problematic with my approach of committing the complete compiler binaries (i guess Microsoft would like it if I checked in the complete msvc 8.0 copmiler ;) Not to speak of the 1GB size limit on the code repository (which should be enough for the source code).

I'm still thinking about the options.. But either way I will publish the source code on google code.


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