Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Building motor3d

Ok, this finally is the first technical post about the motor3d engine:

The first thing I have to talk about is the build system that I use. After years of pain and frustration we finally came up with a solution that I can live with. If I say "we", I mean mostly my colleagues at keengames who did most of the actual implementation. You can find the build system we use exclusively at keengames here. It's called 'lace' and it is basically a replacement for make with a real programming language (ruby) in the background.

The first and most important requirement for the build system was that we needed to be able to reproduce a build after months / years on a different computer without too much trouble. That's not really a big problem for me (it's a nice feature to be able to just compile your project very easily on another machine though). But additionally the way lace supports modules is very flexible and useful even in single-person projects like motor3d.

I won't get into lace much more because you can just read the documentation or the source above if you're interested.


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